Garza Blanca, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Resort & Spa

Planning the perfect family holiday is a challenge for many people. Finding a location that is close to all the beaches, has swimming pools for the kids, and a safe environment to explore the surrounding area is a task many people face every summer. The Garza Blanca resort, in Mexico, is one of families’ and couples’ favorite. It is within a few hours by plane from most U.S. airports, and offers all the comfort and luxury one can wish for. The wonderful scenery and the natural location make this resort popular among honeymooners, families with kids, and couples just looking to get away.

Wedged between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the resort offers not only water sports facilities, but also offers trips to the tropical forests. The resort offers honeymoon, couples’ romantic weekends, and family getaway packages at a discounted price, so one can take advantage of the setting, the luxuries, and the facilities offered by the hotel. The resort is also able to accommodate weddings, from receptions to ceremonies, and many couples choose to get married on the beach.

On-site services of the Garza Blanca resort include a quality restaurant, an award-winning Hamra spa, air conditioning in suites, room service, a fitness center, valet parking, and live music every week. Couples looking for an intimate, romantic weekend by the beach love the five-star service at the bar and lounge, and the comfortable, well-equipped rooms. Upon arrival, luxury toiletries, a full-size bath, and air conditioning awaits tired guests. Premium and superior rooms also have a full size kitchen, so couples can enjoy a complete hideaway for a few days. Whirpool bathtubs also make relaxation easier in the rooms of the resort.
Families with kids will be happy to have a flat screen LCD TV in the room, with plenty of programs to watch in the evenings. All inclusive packages offered by the hotel will include breakfast, dinner, lunch, and snacks, so active children can never go hungry. Board games, along with kids’ and adults’ activities and entertainment by the pool are there to make sure everyone is making the most out of the holiday. Parents can enjoy an exclusive Tequila tasting experience, fishing, or napkin folding courses. Kids could take in bird watching, hiking tours in the tropical rainforests, sandcastle competitions, and beach volleyball. The Garza Blanca resort is perfect for anyone who is looking to get away from it all.